Board of Directors - Root for Kids

Meet Our Diverse Board of Directors

Discover How Our Board's Commitment & Contributions Propel Our Mission Forward

At Root for Kids, we pride ourselves on having a deeply committed and diverse Board of Directors. Our board members go above and beyond in their dedication to our mission, demonstrating their commitment through various impactful means. They generously donate their valuable time, offer their vast resources, and bring a wide range of talents to the table, all in support of our cause. What sets our board apart, however, is their personal investment in our success. Each member makes personal financial contributions to Root for Kids, underscoring their belief in the importance of our work and their deep-rooted desire to see our mission flourish. This multifaceted support from our Board of Directors not only fuels our ability to make a meaningful difference in the community but also ensures the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of our initiatives.









Joining the Board of Directors at Root for Kids offers a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in children’s lives, leveraging your expertise and passion to guide our mission toward greater success. As a board member, you’ll collaborate with a diverse and talented team, dedicated to fostering impactful community change and driving long-term sustainability for our programs. Your personal and financial commitment will not only amplify our reach but also model the philanthropic leadership that inspires our community, making a lasting impact on the futures of the children and families we serve.

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