Staff - Root for Kids


Our staff is passionate about child development and ensuring that every child in our community has a strong start in life.

“Gardeners are good at nurturing, and they have a great quality of patience, they’re tender. They have to be persistent.” – Ralph Fiennes

Chief Executive Officer
Suzanne Leonelli

Chief Financial Officer
Greg Eberhard

Health Services Officer
Tena Heward

Human Resources Officer
Malynne Clayburn

Fiscal Coordinator
Penny Nutall

Fiscal Specialist
Robin Burklow

Health Services Coordinator
Jordane Bromely

Health Services Assistant
Glendi Iniguez

Health Services Assistant
Hopi Hunt

Registered Nurse
Stacie Holt

Registered Nurse
Megan Eads

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Craig Roberts

Facilities Coordinator
Bill Wainwright

Development Director
Monica Jones

IT Director
Raquel Adams Cox

Graphic Designer
Jeff Sanders

Volunteer & Community Partnership Coordinator
Elizabeth Santana

Mariana Lawrentz

Maribel Guerrero

Records Administrator
Susan Foley

Jeff Burklow

EHS Deputy Director
Kallie Stewart

Recruitment & Enrollment Specialist Stacey Parra

Family Partnership Coordinator
Lorena Gutierrez

Family Support Specialist
Leticia Rodriguez

Family Support Specialist
Zahandra Hutchings

Family Support Specialist
Ana Diaz

Family Support Specialist
Cari Orr

Family Support Specialist
Maria Fierro

Family Support Specialist
Yolanda Saucedo

EHS Coach
Courtney Carter

Compliance Coordinator
Jessica Farnsworth

Early Intervention Director
Crystal Ghica

Early Intervention Coach
Kristin Evans

Physical Therapist
Rebecca Meachum

Developmental Specialist
Rayanna Brunsman

Developmental Specialist
Heidi Cooper Jeffs

Developmental Specialist
Emily Stewart

Developmental Specialist
Rita Richards

Developmental Specialist
Jonathon Heninger

Occupational Therapist
Emily Swain

Speech & Language Pathologist
Ashlee Sparrow

Parents as Teachers Director
Alicia Weigle

First Things First Coordinator
Dixie Spencer

Family Support Specialist
Anita Burton

Family Support Specialist
Natalia Herrera

Family Support Specialist
Anna Montalvo

Belem Gamez

Childcare Coordinator/Family Advocate
Tiah Wright

Abby Aleman

Lead Teacher
Cassie Gotcher

Kindermusik Educator & EI Developmental Specialist  Marnie Hansen

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