TLC Receives $6,000 from AGC of Utah

The Learning Center for Families (TLC) received a generous donation of $6,000 on November 30th from the Associated General Contractors of Utah.   The donation will help TLC open an additional location in the Washington City area next year to assist more families whose young children struggle with developmental delays or conditions, poverty or less than optimal home environments.  “We are thrilled to be the recipient of such a generous gift which will really help us meet our growing needs in the Washington City area,” said TLC Executive Director Suzanne Leonelli.  “This donation will allow us to offer more Kindermusik classes, hold playgroups closer to where our families live and create additional work space for our growing staff.”  

Suzanne receiving check (Medium)

Rich Thorn talking with Suzanne (Medium)

The Associated General Contractors of Utah is the largest and only statewide commercial construction trade association and provides services and representation to nearly 500 of Utah’s small to large construction firms.  Their Community Give Back program’s goal is to improve the communities where its members live.  Southern Utah has been the recipient of several generous gifts from the AGC, most recently in 2014 with a gift to The Doctor’s Clinic of St. George and in 2015 to the Washington County Children’s Justice Center for the completion of their Children’s Peace Garden.

Main picture, left to right:  Washington City Council member Troy Belliston, Washington City Manager Roger Carter, Washington City Mayor Ken Neilson, Washington City Chamber President Dan Drown, AGC of Utah Pres/CEO Rich Thorn, TLC Executive Director Suzanne Leonelli, AGC Southern Utah District Manager Bryan Rodgers, Watts Construction CEO Doug Watts and children and staff from TLC’s on-site daycare.

VIEW THE SPECTRUM ARTICLE HERE published on page A2 on 12/1/15

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