5 Easy and Cheap Activities for Kids on Valentine’s Day

Sometimes planning activities for the little ones can be messy and overwhelming. But there are tons of ideas out there to make Valentine’s Day fun without the hassle. Check out some of our favorite easy and cheap activities for kids!

1.Hand print Flowers

Can’t wait for spring? Try this cute hand print flowers activity! Besides keeping the kids entertained, it’s such a precious memento.

Nanny She Can Do

2. Heart Butterfly

This is the perfect craft for the insect enthusiasts in your home. Let the kids take their time painting the clothespins and help out with the heart cutouts. They will have a good time flying this little guy around!

Glue Stick and Gumdrops

3. Bead Heart

Looking for an activity that doesn’t involve paint or glue? This one is for you. On top of being messy-free, it puts those fine motor skills into practice, making it fun and stimulating. Have the kids sort the beads by color, count them or even come up with a pattern, as the author suggests.

4. Touch and Feel Valentine’s Day Hearts

Let your creativity run wild with these cute touch and feel hearts. Basically anything you have available at home would work on these! Think interesting textures and making a good number of hearts to keep the youngsters entertained for a while.

Simple Play Ideas

5. Salt Dough Footprint Keepsake

Can you ever have too many keepsakes of your little one? Time is a thief and they grow up so fast. Try this adorable footprint keepsake made with salt dough. Have the kids help you measure the ingredients and mix them up, they will love being part of the whole process.

We hope you enjoy making these fun activities with the kids! Share your creations with us on Instagram using #rootforkids.

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