Fun Father’s Day Activities

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality family time together. Here are some of our favorite Father’s Day activities for fathers and children!

Play outside

The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing outside in the summer. You can have a picnic in the park (or the backyard), play catch, go on a bike ride, toss a Frisbee,  or even go on a hike if you’re feeling more adventurous. The key is to have fun and connect with the kids!

dad-playing-kidsSource: One Tough Job

Movie night

Go all out for movie night! With the kids’ help, build a blanket fort and prepare fun snacks. There are a lot of good family movies out there to choose from, but to keep the Father’s Day theme going with movies such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and The Lion King.


Cook together

Special dates are by default “cheat” days so indulge yourself. Look for recipes that the kids can be involved with – if you need a little inspiration, Kids Create has good recipes and suggestions. Not only it will strengthen your bond, but the kids will learn essential life skills.

kids-dad-cookingSource: Sign Up Genius

Make a music video

Combine dancing, singing and dressing up and you’ll have a recipe for success. Share with the kids your favorite songs when you were their age and make it a throwback video for extra fun.

kids-dancingSource: Snap Happy Mom

Game night

Have everyone in the family pick their favorite card/board game and take turns playing all the games. You can keep a running up score and whoever accumulates more points overall get a special prize.

Fathers and father figures play such a big part in a child’s life. We wish all the dads and father figures a happy Father’s Day!

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