My Root for Kids Story: Class of 2019

On May 20, 2019 we celebrated over 100 children graduating from Root for Kids programs. Kids aging out of the programs between January and July are invited for a Spring Graduation event organized by Root for Kids. This graduation, we asked the parents to share a little bit about their journey with Root for Kids with us! Check out a few of the stories.

Hardy Family

“When we moved to the area in 2018, we had five children under 6 and one on the way. The love, support and guidance given by Root for Kids made this transition so much better. Our children love the visits and we feel like RFK is more friends and family than “just” a program. Our daughters and sons have truly grown with RFK and we love it!”

Class of 2019 | Root for Kids

Day Family

“My son was brought into the program worried that he might be behind on some skills. One year later he is graduating and is testing above average across the board! Thanks Root for Kids :)”

Class of 2019 | Root for Kids

Webb Family

“Hazel is the #10 child in our family and she was born with Down syndrome. We have absolutely loved the Root for Kids program. I am positive that Hazel has done so much better with the help of her specialists! I have grown to love each and every one of people, and so has Hazel. She has excelled in speech therapy, physical therapy and continues to amaze us each day. Thank you so much for giving our child this head start!”

Adams Family

“Being in a Root for Kids program has been one of the very best decisions we’ve made for out three children. Two of my kids weren’t able to speak very well and it was quite frustrating. With the help of many different RFK employees we’ve come so far, and found much great accomplishments and major growth. We love RFK, they are true heroes.”

Class of 2019 | Root for Kids

Gómez Family

“My Root for Kids story has been special for many reasons. I didn’t know about this program until my fourth child out of five, so I can tell the difference in the development of my son who was in the program compared to my three older children who were not. I can also notice the difference in us parents with what we have learned. Our family is very grateful for the program and for everyone who makes it possible for it to happen. Thank you very much for everything.”

Class of 2019 | Root for Kids

We love working with children and their families and help them receive the best start in life. You can also make a big impact in their lives by supporting Root for Kids! There are many ways to give – purchase tickets to The Secret Garden Gala, become a sponsor, donate an auction item, purchase a book or an item from our wish list.

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