Home Activities for Kids

Are you struggling to keep the kids busy? It can be hard to avoid excessive screen time at home. But we are here to help! From experiments and crafts to physical activity, here are some ideas of home activities for kids.


Feed your child’s brain and curiosity with these simple at home activities and experiments.

Story Time

Reading helps children learn new vocabulary and express themselves using language. The more interactive you can make story time, the more involved and engaged your child will be. See how you can make the most of toddler story time.

Around the World 

Bring the world to your living room! You can start by making a passport with your child and having them point on a map where they want to go. Teach them a little bit about the country, what language is spoken, look at pictures and do an activity related to that country. It would also be fun to research simple recipes and try them out with your child.

Magnet Discovery Bottle


DIY Reading Toy


Fingerprint Counting Activity


Name Recognition Activity


Physical Activity

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. And kids have a lot of energy to spend! Keep them entertained with these simple exercises and join in.

10 Simple Toddler Exercises


Yoga for Kids (3-5)


Family Fun Cardio Workout


Arts & Crafts

Crafts play a big part on fine motor development. In addition to that, creative activities stimulate both sides of the brain and help children develop both emotional and intellectual skills.

Under the Sea

 What can you find under the sea? Use a blue background for the ocean (blue table cloth from the dollar store will work great) and create a whimsical ocean scene with jelly fish, wiggly-eyed glitter fish, sea turtle, seahorse puppets, and even mermaids! Use the crafts for pretend play.

Play Dough “Painting”
Home Activities for Kids | Root for Kids
source: Shutterstock


Musical Tambourine
Musical Tambourine | Root for Kids
source: Lakeshore Learning


Sensory Crafts


Paper Crafts


Wholesome home activities can support children’s development. If you have any concerns about your child, please fill out our online form.*

*Root for Kids serves children 0-5 in Washington County, Utah and the Arizona Strip.

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