The Christmas Tree Project

Root for Kids’ very own Maria DeWitt Gama organized a fundraiser called “Project Christmas Tree”.  Maria understood that while there are plenty of resources for food, clothing, and toys accessible for those in need, the delight of having a Christmas tree with gifts underneath it contributes to the magic of the season.  Maria spoke with a mother whose child asked for a Christmas tree.  The mother had to ask her child if they wanted a tree or a present for Christmas as they didn’t have enough money for both. 

Maria said, “Our Project Christmas Tree goal is to give away as many Christmas trees as possible to the people in our community who need one and can’t afford one. The idea of doing this fundraiser started when I posted our old Christmas tree for free on our local Facebook pages.  The tree was gone within minutes. The person who took it said, “Thank you so much, we have a son who just moved here and doesn’t have a Christmas tree.”  Even though the Christmas tree was already gone, I kept getting hundreds of messages from people who said they needed a Christmas tree.” 

Maria truly exemplifies the spirit of the Root for Kids organization, helping as many families in our wonderful community as possible. She and her family have been working hard to ensure that some families are spared from having to make the difficult decision of giving a gift or the spirit of the holiday in their home.



Have a New or Gently Used Christmas Tree To Donate? 

Do you have a new or gently used Christmas tree that you would like to donate to local families in need?  Connect with us by filling out the Contact Us form below.



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