COVID-19 Updates - Root for Kids

COVID-19 Updates

February 2021

Root for Kids is committed to keeping staff and clients safe and following State and CDC recommendations. See below how it will affect our daily operations. **If you are planning on visiting our office, for your safety and the safety of others please wear a face mask/covering and follow social distancing measures in place, including signage around the building**. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 435.673.5353

We have initiated in person visits again for all home based programs except for AzEIP. These visits are conducted in safe controlled environments such as our office. Kindermusik and Childcare continue to implemented according to program design and in person. It is our hope to begin home visits the first of April. Please continue to follow us on our website and other social media channels for updates.

We are currently accepting applications  for Kindermusik, Childcare and Parents as Teachers.  Staff are in the process of getting their COVID vaccinations. Our agency continues to practice social distancing and all services are provided following the Southwest Department of Health’s recommendations.

Corona Virus Utah Guidelines | Root for Kids

Corona Virus Utah Guidelines | Root for Kids

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