What We Do - Root for Kids


Root for Kids offers high-quality childcare, Early Head Start, Early Intervention and Parent As Teachers programs. See how we change lives.

Root for Kids believes that strong roots promote optimal growth. Research has shown that the years from prenatal development through 36 months of age provide a window of opportunity for enriching infant/toddler development that can provide lifelong positive outcomes.


For many infants and toddlers, this crucial time can also be a period of heightened vulnerability due to stressors such as medical diagnosis/complications, developmental delays, poverty, less than optimal home environments and lack of access to community resources. Families who face these difficulties often need help navigating their challenges. Root for Kids offers free programs to ensure the success of our youngest, most vulnerable members of our community.

Services include weekly or bi-weekly home visits, health and, developmental assessments and screenings, therapy and learning programs for infants and toddlers with special needs, infant and toddler mental health services, and health and mental health screenings for pregnant women.

Early Childhood Development Childcare Center

The forward-thinking Early Childhood Development Childcare Center utilizes evidence-based Creative Curriculum covering ten areas of development and learning. This is a private pay childcare open to everyone in the St. George area and we also accept state subsidy payments.


Music & Play Studio

Sound Beginnings is a family music class for children ages 0-4 and a parent or caregiver. At Root for Kids, classes are open to Early Intervention families and children with a few spots open to the public. Classes include singing, movement, instrument play, nursery rhymes, games, stories, and ear training activities.