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Root for Kids offers high-quality childcare, Early Head Start, Early Intervention, Parents as Teachers and Kindermusik. See how we change lives!

“Being in a Root for Kids program has been one of the very best decisions we’ve made for our three children. Two of my kids weren’t able to speak very well and it was quite frustrating. With the help of many different Root for Kids employees we’ve come so far, and found much great accomplishments and major growth. We love Root for Kids, they are true heroes.”

– Adams Family

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For many infants and toddlers, this crucial time can also be a period of heightened vulnerability due to stressors such as medical diagnosis/complications, developmental delays, poverty, less than optimal home environments and lack of access to community resources. Families who face these difficulties often need help navigating their challenges. Root for Kids offers free programs to ensure the success of our youngest, most vulnerable members of our community.

Services include weekly or bi-weekly home visits, health and, developmental assessments and screenings, therapy and learning programs for infants and toddlers with special needs, infant and toddler mental health services, and health and mental health screenings for pregnant women.

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